A Special Sunday

Some days are just more special than others.

Today, I woke up to 2 e-mails letting me know items of mine were featured in two different treasuries. Surprisingly, their theme was the same, but my items were different.

Thank you, Luiza and Susan, for featuring me among such talented artists.


Tying everything together

I live in a tiny coastal town in the middle of nowhere, right at the beach. The fanciest clothes we wear around here are the occasional Bermuda shorts with some embroidery in it. Usually, it is just a bathing suit, thank you very much!

When I had my stepdaughter’s wedding to attend to in New Jersey, I immediately thought about getting a new dress, which would be a major deal. The shops in my town only sell beachwear; the closest city where I could buy something nice is a 1 hour drive plus 40 min airplane trip. Buying on-line? Not in Brazil! too complicated to return it if you don’t like it.

It was a morning wedding, informal affair. After dealing with the dress question for some time, I decided to shop at my closet. I found out I already had the perfect dress. Made in a textured silk, in a fuchsia tone it was simple, yet very elegant, AND it still fitted. So, I decided this would be it. I also had the shoes and the jewelry to go with it. The only thing missing was the purse.

That was when I decided to make a clutch to tie it all together. I make hand painted silk clutches for my etsy shop, so I knew what I wanted. I painted the silk using the same fuchsia as the dress as the background, with some caramel and soft pink accents.

I really liked the result, and you can judge it for yourself. Bottom line, I felt good about the way I was dressed, I spent very little, and I didn’t end up with a fancy, expensive dress that wouldn’t match any of my bathing suits!


Chita: Brazil's Beloved Fabric

Chita (shee-tah) is a cotton fabric beloved in Brazil and now you’ll know why.

It has been manufactured Brazil since the 19th century using second line cotton and a very basic weave technique. Because of its price, it used to be associated with the lower classes. They were used as curtains, table cloth, for clothing, you name it. Not anymore! We’ve all embraced chita both in accessories and home décor. Even  Phillipe Stark Mademoiselle chair has been upholstered with chita.   

The patterns evolved over time and nowadays they are typically primary color backgrounds with large floral designs.

I have made all kinds of things with chita, from lamps to trays, passing through boxes, bookbiding. The bold patterns and the strong colors just make anything look beautiful.


Silk Clock Update

Thanks God for good (and handy) husbands. I got mine to make a little frame for the silk clock and I really like the result. So, the clock project is moving right along!