Mosaic Monday

It's Monday again! Day of the beautiful mosaic selection.

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Feels good to be picked

To tell you the truth, I have never been very athletic. In high school, I signed up for volleyball because I wouldn't have to run that hard! No surprise, I was never between the first ones to be picked for kick ball in junior high. Actually, many times I was between the last few, and more the once I was THE very last.
I was completely conscious athletics was not my calling but even so, I developed this hummm "trauma". To this day, I am always delighted when I am picked for something, and now, through my art, I feel deserving.
So, this past couple of days I was picked in 2 treasuries selections on etsy and I had to share:

The first on is Sunny

And the second one is Silky, Velvety, Tasty, Sexy

Check them out and enjoy the beautiful selection.


Aesthetics of Failure 1

Browsing Flickr a few days ago, I stumbled on this group called Aesthetics of Failure. Just the name makes you click, doesn't it?

Well, besides the name, I was curious about it because that same day I made one of the (how can I put this in a way you will understand?) ugliest things I've ever made. You can judge yourself:

This muddy color (or what Brazilians call the "color of a donkey running away") was "obtained" by hanging the scarf while the beautiful yellows, oranges, sepias dyes were still completely wet. The dyes ran over each other and this is the result.

What to do?? First I ran water over it; it didn't make any difference. Now, I have the scarf on vapor to set the dyes, then I am going to grab my great Shiva Paintstiks and my rubbing plates and create some patterns over it... To tell you the truth, I am excited, which reminds me that to me the beauty of making art is in the process and not in the result (even though, I love beautiful results).


Beautiful girl

When I posted my Whimsical Spring necklace, I asked for some critique from fellow etsyans.

Actually, this is one of the things I enjoy most about etsy; a community you can ask for advice and critique. Also, I always request blunt, real mean critique and I always enjoy it.

So, back to the Whimsical Necklace, everybody and their brother said they loved the necklace BUT wanted to see the necklace in action; in other words, they wanted to see somebody actually wearing it.

My favorite uber model, my friend Miriam, is out of town and nobody knows when she is coming back. What to do??? Well, I got my necklaces, my camera and headed for my favorite hair salon.I can always find a beautiful girl there. Today was no exception. So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Tamise, the quintessential Brazilian beauty.


Etsy Secrets Mosaic Monday

From now on, every Monday will be Mosaic Day!

Every Monday I will be featuring 4 fabulous items created by fellow Etsy Secrets members.

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item is listed.


Whimsical Necklace

My quest for smart jewelry designs using my hand painted silk has taken me to fun places!

There are many things I have known since childhood but have never given a second look. A lot of stuff that are just part of Brazilian folk crafts have just always been there, like my grandmother crochet bed spread, and have never really interested me.

It is fun to just look at things with a new eye. And that's what I did with yo-yos (or what in Brazil we call "fuxico" - spell fuh-shee-coo.) They are all made with silk I painted, and I finalized with a brass chain and clasp.

I think it would look great with a "boyfriend" white shirt and jeans, don't you?


Head Wraps... Outrageously Sophisticated

Scarves are everywhere these days and I am in love with them all. BUT, if I had to pick a favorite way to wear them today, it would be the look that has summer written all around it: head wraps.

They make any so, so outfit look gorgeous and put together, and are perfect for those "not so good" hair days, if you know what I mean... And if you happen to be riding a convertible, oh well, I don't have to say anything else, do I?

The oblong scarves are perfect for head wraps, but you can wear the square ones as well.

There are tons of ways to wrap scarves around your head, and I will talk more about them... So, stay tuned... And check out http://silkartfrombrazil.com/howtowearascarf.aspx for many other ways to wrap scarves around your body!!


Wired Cuff... of, so beautiful

I am taking advantage of being "stranded" in Baltimore for 6 weeks, doing a lot of interesting stuff.

I found Beadazzled, a super friendly beads store, and took a couple of classes there. One of the teachers was Cas Webber, and she taught how to make this wire cuff... I just love it!


Beyond Silk Scarves

For some time now, I've been thinking about different ways to use the silk I paint. Because I ship from Brazil, the final size of the piece is always a constraint. So, even though I have made framed wall art, pillows, handbags and clothing items, these are still too big to ship abroad.

So, I have come up first with the bookmarks and lately with silk jewelry.

These pictures are just sneak previews of things I am working on. If you have comments, suggestions, or just plain mean criticism, please go on and vent!