The Stunning Jewelry of Judy Ebert

A few weeks ago, through one of those fortunate encounters the internet allows, I came in contact with Judy Ebert and her stunning gemstone jewelry.

Her pieces will take your breath away just like they took mine; they make a statement, they have glamour, class, and they are oh, so beautiful.

She first started making jewelry using standard bead-stringing techniques, and while she still constructs many pieces this way, she now combines it with wire work, silver soldering, bead weaving, gem crochet, and Viking knit. She is also working with PMC silver and gold, and is planning to soon incorporate enameling and lost wax casting in her work.

Judy, who is a Floridian, says that she designs gemstone jewelry in an effort to channel her natural girlish creativity toward some legal activity. Well, we are all glad she picked jewelry design, and I don’t want to know what she would do otherwise.

You can see more of Judy's work at http://jbEbert.etsy.com

Mosaic Monday

During spring and summer, every other magazine has an article about beach wear. I love the look of those women in beach wear, wearing big jewelry. Unfortunately, I don't think I can pull that look off but if I could, I would love to wear these pieces:

If you would like to buy or to have more information about any item, just click on the description of the item. You will be taken to the item's etsy or artfire page.

1. 9DollarEarrings:Sunshine Breaks Through
2. MadMaggieDesigns: GO-GO
3. BellissimaDesigns: Blue Bell Earrings
4. CanadianRockies: Zabel - Blue Turquoise Oxidized Tear Drop Earrings


Not your mother's clutches

So, as promised, I borrowed some inspiration from my friend Cristina and made some new clutches. There is something unique about them though, they are made of hand painted silk, of course. Coming from me, you couldn't expect anything else. Also, it is not just hand painted silk... I got the silk pieces and created some beautiful patchwork.

I love them... they are just the look I like... classy yet edgy!

If you love them as much as I do, run to http://silkartfrombrazil.com and take them home. They are one of a kind and will go fast!


Cristina's Handbags

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting my long time friend (and sister by choice) Cristina.

We have been friends forever but I think for the first time we worked together on handmade stuff, other than knitting or cross stitching while gossiping.

Cristina has been making these beautiful handbags out of decorator fabric and she brought some to finish up here. So, actually she made some handbags while I mostly gave moral support.

I love all her handbags, but I am completely in awe with this clutch. It's so classy and beautiful that I can't help it but paint some silk and shamelessly copy the design. Stay tuned!

Besides having so much fun with her here, I also got two brand new beautiful handbags as a gift. You can't beat that!