Visionary Artists

By now, we have been in Baltimore for 4 weeks, with 2 more to go.
The city is really nice but there is a site that just took my breath away.is more than nice, it is just fantastic. The American Museum of Visionary Art (http://www.avam.org)/ is dedicated to show the art of self-taught artists in many different media, and the building is already a work of art.

The pieces are created in all kinds of media and show how much creativity is out there. All so whimsical, so inspiring, so moving... Enjoy the pictures and if you have a chance, don't miss it.


Surprised? Me???

I always thought my last blog would be about the launching of my website, http://SilkArtFromBrazil.com which, by the way, has been quietly launched.
I should also blog about my new jewelry collection, my incursions at SEO (search engine optimization) and, at a more personal level, about the forced 6 weeks vacation Frank and I are taking in Maryland.
I will blog about all of this but not today. Today, I am talking about the gift I have just received from my incredible husband: a Kindle (you know, the ebook reader from Amazon).
You know me; I am an avid reader and had I been living in the US, I would have bought a Kindle a long time ago.
Well, Frank got me one and it arrived today; a total surprise.
I am still getting acquainted with it but I can already say: LOVE IT!!!
I will be letting you know more as I use it but, if I don't blog much, you will know why. So many books, so little time...