Surprised? Me???

I always thought my last blog would be about the launching of my website, http://SilkArtFromBrazil.com which, by the way, has been quietly launched.
I should also blog about my new jewelry collection, my incursions at SEO (search engine optimization) and, at a more personal level, about the forced 6 weeks vacation Frank and I are taking in Maryland.
I will blog about all of this but not today. Today, I am talking about the gift I have just received from my incredible husband: a Kindle (you know, the ebook reader from Amazon).
You know me; I am an avid reader and had I been living in the US, I would have bought a Kindle a long time ago.
Well, Frank got me one and it arrived today; a total surprise.
I am still getting acquainted with it but I can already say: LOVE IT!!!
I will be letting you know more as I use it but, if I don't blog much, you will know why. So many books, so little time...

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