Beautiful girl

When I posted my Whimsical Spring necklace, I asked for some critique from fellow etsyans.

Actually, this is one of the things I enjoy most about etsy; a community you can ask for advice and critique. Also, I always request blunt, real mean critique and I always enjoy it.

So, back to the Whimsical Necklace, everybody and their brother said they loved the necklace BUT wanted to see the necklace in action; in other words, they wanted to see somebody actually wearing it.

My favorite uber model, my friend Miriam, is out of town and nobody knows when she is coming back. What to do??? Well, I got my necklaces, my camera and headed for my favorite hair salon.I can always find a beautiful girl there. Today was no exception. So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Tamise, the quintessential Brazilian beauty.

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Nun of a Kind! said...

Beautiful blog, beautiful necklace, and beautiful girl! You have just been awarded the "Lovely Blog" award! Please "pick up" your award at www.nunofakind.blogspot.com