Aesthetics of Failure 1

Browsing Flickr a few days ago, I stumbled on this group called Aesthetics of Failure. Just the name makes you click, doesn't it?

Well, besides the name, I was curious about it because that same day I made one of the (how can I put this in a way you will understand?) ugliest things I've ever made. You can judge yourself:

This muddy color (or what Brazilians call the "color of a donkey running away") was "obtained" by hanging the scarf while the beautiful yellows, oranges, sepias dyes were still completely wet. The dyes ran over each other and this is the result.

What to do?? First I ran water over it; it didn't make any difference. Now, I have the scarf on vapor to set the dyes, then I am going to grab my great Shiva Paintstiks and my rubbing plates and create some patterns over it... To tell you the truth, I am excited, which reminds me that to me the beauty of making art is in the process and not in the result (even though, I love beautiful results).

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