How To Make a Silk Bookmark

You know me... I am always looking for ways to use those pieces of hand painted silk that are too small to do something with, yet too pretty to be thrown away. So I came up with these pretty, stylish bookmarks that would be perfect as a..... valentine!!! Darn! I wish I had posted this how-to last week...

I do love my Kindle, but I still enjoy a (borrowed) paper book every now and then, and I will read more in paper just to use these babies.They are really easy to make. I made them with silk because that's what I do, but you can use any fabric or paper. I have to admit, cotton is much easier to work with, but doesn't have the sheen and touch only silk has.


1 6"x2" piece of thin cardboard (even shoebox cardboard will do)

1 7"x3" piece of silk
1 7" piece of ribbon
double sided tape
1 5 3/4" x 1 3/4" piece of paper for the back (a sturdy one, scrapbooking style is better)

1 bead

1) Start by taping the doubled sided tape all around the cardboard

2) Put the fabric (wrong face up) under the cardboard and clip the four fabric corners, but not too close to the cardboard corners
3) Fold the 2 longer sides of the silk over the taped cardboard. You should stretch the fabric when sticking the second side, so the bookmark's front will be nice and without any wrinkles 

4) Now for the corners. Place a piece of tape over the two shorter sides of the cardboard. Then, with your scissors, tuck in the fabric on the very corner, as I am doing in the picture. Fold the fabric over.

5) Put double sided tape in one of the ribbon's end and tape to the cardboard.

6) Tape the wrong side of the paper all around and stick to the bookmark's back.


7) Tie a bead to the other end of the tape and voila'! your bookmark is done.


オテモヤン said...
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Samba Porno said...

Very nice tutorial and a really great idea to make something like this for yourself.