What??? A Silk Clock?

My friend Monica is on the board of directors of a NGO. As a fund raising effort, every year they develop a product to be sold  in few and well positioned sales venues. As an example, last year they sold a tote bag with a Romero Brito's (high profile Brazilian painter) painting silk screened on it.

We've briefly spoken about having something developed for this year's tournament. So, my partner in crime Beatriz and I brain stormed about what it could be, considering it had to be something that more or less would atract both male and female buyers. We also talked to Beatriz's son-in-law, who is a graphical designer snd suggested a clock. Hummmm.... a clock???? That's actually a pretty good idea.

These are my first 2 prototypes, still without a frame (working on that!) It is still a work in progress, so if you have any suggestions, please, pleeease, drop me a line!!!


Shazzabeth Creations said...

I think they're a great idea - love the blue one!

SilkArtFromBrazil said...

Thanks!!! That's also my favorite, so far.