The Amazing Work of Rhiannon Connelly

Just a couple of weeks ago, I discovered the work of Edinburgh-based photographer Rhiannon Connelly, and right then I decided she would be the first featured artist in my blog.

When I look at her photography, the image I have is as if I were looking at the window on a rainy day, so nostalgic, so romantic.

Rome in the Rain

The first time I saw her work, it looked mainly like digital work to me but I was in for a surprise. Rhiannon uses a vintage Polaroid SX70 camera to create what she calls “Polaroid Paintings”. The process allows the manipulation of the emulsion for a short period to create a unique, unrepeatable dreamlike image. When using SX70 film, the digital treatment is only color tuning at the scanning process.

I was impressed when I asked how she got started in this kind of art, for her answer was so unpretentious, a sure sign of a true artist. She said, “I got started after seeing an exhibition of this technique and hunting around online until I found some explanation. I then contacted an artist who was using the technique and they put me on the right track as to camera and film required.” It was that simple!

Red Mini

Besides her "12 city" project, photographing 12 European cities, she has been involved with a new form of art: basing a collage on a Polaroid photograph. The result is fabulous, especially for a mixed-media lover like me. See for yourself!

Waiting For You To Find Me

I am sure you are in love with Rhiannon's work like I am, so run to StarryBlueSky on etsy to see more of her work. You can get in touch with her e-mailing info@rhiannonconnelly.com


Mee a Bee said...

What a great feature, really insightful about Rhiannon's art, good job! and beautiful.

SilkArtFromBrazil said...

Thanks, MeeaBee. With this kind of subject, it is really easy :-)

Travelwriter said...

I like the works of the 'photo impressionist' Rhiannon as well. Thanks for posting about it.