Mosaic Monday - Ladies in Red

I kind of feel ashamed to say so but I don't like red that much.... I know all colors are beautiful and each of them bring out the best in one another and blah, blah, blah... but if I have to pick something to wear or buy, it usually won't be red. Even so, I decided to make my Mosaic Monday in red because I got inspired by these pieces. I am sure it says a lot about the pieces!!!

If you would like to buy or to have more information about any item, just click on the description of the item. You will be taken to the item's etsy or artfire page.

Mosaic Monday

1. Cleverindie: No Place Like Home
2. NothingButString: Marigold - Crocheted Choker
3. TuscanRoad: Black and Red Dangle Earrings
4. Janallsop: Influence - Original Mixed Media

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