I know, I know...

You don't have to say anything, I know I have been a bad, bad blogger... my posts have been (very) few and far between, but what can I say???

Oh, wait a minute, I know!!! I can say:
  1. Ana was home on vacation from college and I was nursing my baby OR
  2. I am preparing a great soon to be posted tutorial on how to make a candle lamp out of a soda bottle and hand painted silk OR
  3. I can say I have been very busy in my studio making myself a purse using a great and FREE pattern from Oh, Fransson!. My thanks to Elizabeth Hartman for the great tutorial. AND
  4. I will try to be better in the future, even though my step-daughter Camille's wedding is coming up in 3 weeks, which means I will be away from home for 2 weeks, and I know it will be October before I can get my act together.

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