Can we turn ourselves off for 10 minutes?

So, today I got this interesting e-mail; the subject was World of Darkness. The idea is that on Sept. 17th the whole world (yeap, that's right) will turn the lights off for 10 minutes: from 9:50 pm to 10:00 pm local time.

I can't help but think: can I do that? Of course, living in the sticks of Brazil, our electrical power supply is spotty to say the least. When that happens, my wonderful and practical husband turns the generator on and life resumes itself as before.

However, my doubts go further... I don't seem to be able to do "just" one thing at a time anymore. So, when I watch TV, I am also using laptop. Once a week, my husband takes my laptop to class because his is dead. When that happens, I watch TV and do crosswords. When I eat alone, I read a book while chewing I am not sure what.

When was it that we started multitasking full time AND by choice? when was it doing only one thing at a time became so dull? It seems we can't smell the flowers anymore, we have to smell and do something else. So, how am I going to turn the lights off for 10 minutes and do nothing? Oh, I know... when I am eating with my husband we don't do anything else. So, on Sept 17th, honey, dinner is going to be a little later.

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